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About 5 Stones Productions

5 Stones Productions was founded by Michael R. Taylor, in the early 90’s, as an Indie Label and a Production Co. when the music world was still dominated by the massive Music Label/MTV machine.


Michael wanted there to be a “safe place” for the creative arts people to do what they do best…be creative.


5 Stones Productions found its niche when it began helping artists make their first product (CD, EP or single) so that they could have a “product in hand” to share with the world.   


5 Stones Productions has evolved with the creative and performing arts’ world; be it producing music, writing musicals, songs, books, blogs, or just communicating your soul, 5 Stones Productions is still a “safe place” to be creative and share your “product” with the world.


5 Stones Productions is also a place where the Natural is encouraged to meet and mix with the Supernatural, because that is when the real magic happens…

Founder of 5 Stones Productions

Michael R. Taylor


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